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ELMA MV4-600 ohm

ELMA MV4-600 ohm

The MV4-600ohm is unique in the sense that all of the SMD resistors are already mounted on the PCBs of each wafer for plug and play operation. These switches were used in the Neve 8000 and 5300 series control room monitor sections. Because of the high tolerances the MV4-600ohm will out perform the original switch and is a direct replacement. If you have any questions, just ask.

I doubt you will ever find a better price and we ship almost anywhere.
  • Details

    The MV4-600 ohm is a four pole 24 position 15 degree indexing, shorting (make before break switch) ) The shaft is 6mm in diameter and has 3 micron thick gold plated contacts.
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