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The shipping calculator is still a bit primitive. It does not allow us to offer many services. So, by default, it is set to offer only USPS Flat Rate Priority shipping which is a perfectly good and inexpensive choice. However, We will send you anything you order via any method offered by UPS, FedEx or USPS. Just let us know and we will invoice you accordingly. 

International Orders


We will ship anywhere and will pack very well for your order's journey. Your order is automatically insured for its full value unless otherwise stipulated by you. You are also responsible for whatever Tariffs your country might impose. Please contact us with any questions you might have.

Coming Attractions

The Switch Doctors is looking to add more quality products to our range. We've started with the Blore Edwards and Elma classics to cater for your Neve module needs. Soon we'll be adding pre-resistored versions of all the common switches for those vintage Neve modules so you can just plug in and play.


We're also open to suggestions. Can't see what you want? Why not drop us a line? If we can source it, or offer an alternative we will. We know how hard it sometimes is to get the right part for your gear and we'd like to be the place that can get them for you.


Got an old piece of vintage kit that you just can't find the switch or pot for? Send us a drawing, a photo, the part itself and we'll see what we can find. If it's still available we can find it. If it isn't we'll offer a replacement from our tame manufacturers and suppliers. How? We have our ways!




Things to know


Welcome to The Switch Doctors. As this is a new website, here are some basic bits and bobs to help you navigate, let you know what we are up to and let you know what is coming.


Stay tuned here for news!

Thank You

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