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Bargain Basement

From time to time we get offered products that we simply have to show you. Potentiometers from around the world, alternatives to well-known brands and loose wafers so you can replace those tired old ones.

Well, the Switch Doctors is an inclusive kind of store and here you'll find our offers on old stock, replacements for long thought obsolete products and other bits of wonderment that fall our way.



Our travels through the weird and wonderful web have found a rare beast indeed. A quad level control used in most 80 and 53 series Neve consoles for the CR and SLS level control. Previously thought extinct or on the brink, we can say with authority that the old beast is very much alive and what's more we can get them for you. And, crucially, not second hand, not some dusty old thing but brand spanking new baby!

We'll have more details and prices to follow.


Bargain Pots!

Watch this space - quality wirewound potentiometers at unbelievable prices coming soon.



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